The NERA Library is intended for the download of electronic documents for use by NERA members.  If you wish to provide materials for access by other members (marketing or training), please send the documents to the webmaster with proper credit information.

EPA Energy Star Materials

Promotional Materials:

Program Brochure (Adobe Acrobat, 95K)

Builder Questions and Answers (Adobe Acrobat, 170K)

Appreciating the Differences of ENERGY STAR Homes (Adobe Acrobat, 49.5K)

Positioning an ENERGY STAR Home for High Resale Value (Adobe Acrobat, 109K)

Sample Press Release for Allies (Adobe Acrobat, 16K)

Sample Press Release for Builders (Adobe Acrobat, 16K)

A Guide to Making Energy-Smart Purchases (DOE) (Adobe Acrobat, 273K)

Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs)

Ally MOU (Adobe Acrobat, 29K)

Builder MOU (Adobe Acrobat, 32K)

Mortgage Lender MOU (Adobe Acrobat, 26K)

For the Builder

Builder Presentation (zip file, 2852K compressed, extracted 12,348K, Power Point)


Energy Efficient Mortgages (Adobe Acrobat, 122K)

ENERGY STAR Home Calc Demo (Adobe Acrobat, 822K)

Evidence of Rational Market Valuations
for Home Energy Efficiency
, Appraisal Journal, October 1998,

More Evidence of Rational Market Valuations
for Home Energy Efficiency
, Appraisal Journal, October 1999,

How to Become an ENERGY STAR New Homes Mortgage Partner (Adobe Acrobat, 18K)

Example of Savings From an ENERGY STAR Home (Adobe Acrobat, 12K)

What is an ENERGY STAR Mortgage? (Adobe Acrobat, 16K)

Why Become an ENERGY STAR Mortgage Partner? (Adobe Acrobat, 18K)

EPA and DOE Building Science Brochures:

Air Sealing (Adobe Acrobat, 47K)

Automatic and Programmable Thermostats (Adobe Acrobat, 74K)

Balanced Ventilation Systems (Adobe Acrobat, 61K)

Duct Insulation (Adobe Acrobat, 47K)

Duct Sealing (Adobe Acrobat, 48K)

Duct Sizing/Compact Ducts (Adobe Acrobat, 47K)

Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning (Adobe Acrobat, 233K)

Energy Efficient Lighting (Adobe Acrobat, 233K)

Energy Efficient Water Heating (Adobe Acrobat, 215K)

Energy-Efficient Windows (Adobe Acrobat, 234K)

ENERGY STAR Boilers (Adobe Acrobat, 49K)

ENERGY STAR Furnaces (Adobe Acrobat, 47K)

ENERGY STAR Heat Pumps (Adobe Acrobat, 49K)

ENERGY STAR Programmable Thermostats (Adobe Acrobat, 43K)

Exhaust Ventilation Systems (Adobe Acrobat, 58K)

Geothermal Heat Pumps (Adobe Acrobat, 58K)

High-Performance Windows (Adobe Acrobat, 46K)

Improved Insulation (Adobe Acrobat, 48K)

Locating Ducts Within Conditioned Space (Adobe Acrobat, 55K)

Right-Sized Air Conditioners (Adobe Acrobat, 43K)

Saving Energy with Electric Resistance Heating (Adobe Acrobat, 249K)

Solar Water Heating (Adobe Acrobat, 235K)

Supply Ventilation Systems (Adobe Acrobat, 62K)

Value-Engineered Framing (Adobe Acrobat, 67K)

National Rules and Regulations

National HERS Guidelines (Adobe Acrobat, 157K)

Individual State Rules and Regulations


Rule 9B-60 (Florida Rater’s Governing Rules, Department of Community Affairs, WordPerfect, 34K)

Training Materials

Training Standard  (Public Review Draft of RESNET Rater Training/Certification Standard )

Marketing Materials

Energy Efficiency – A Smart Decision

General Marketing Presentation (Florida Solar Energy Center, Power Point Presentation, 985K)

Thinking About Buying a New Home? (Florida Solar Energy Center, Adobe Acrobat, 253K)

NERA Administrative Materials

NERA Code of Ethics (WordPerfect, 6K)

NERA Bylaws (Adobe Acrobat, 40K)

NERA Membership Application (WordPerfect, 14K)

NERA Articles of Incorporation (WordPerfect, 13K)

Minutes from 07 Apr 00 Director’s Meeting (Word, 23 kb)

Minutes from 04 Feb 00 Director’s Meeting (Word, 24K)