Chapter Certification


Requirements for Certification

  1. The group must be located within a defined geographical area.
  2. The group shall consist of at least three (3) NERA members in good standing. All voting members of the group shall be voting members of NERA.
  3. The group shall have elected officers to serve as president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer. Other officers and directors shall be selected at the discretion of the membership.
  4. Organizational bylaws cannot be in conflict with the bylaws of NERA.
  5. Financial responsibility for chapter activities shall be assumed by the chapter organization. NERA has no liability in this regard. The dues structure for the local organization shall be established in it’s bylaws.
  6. The group shall have demonstrated the ability to plan and execute programs of interest to its members and prospective members.

Procedures for Chapter Certification

The group should submit a petition for affiliation at least thirty (30) days prior to a scheduled committee meeting of the NERA executive committee or full board of directors. The petition will then be reviewed for completeness. At a minium the petition should include the following information:

a) Names and addresses of charter members
b). Names and addresses of elected officers
c) Organizational bylaws stating district name and boundaries
d) Minutes of organizational meetings
e) Program plans for the calendar or fiscal year

It is expected that the program plans will include at least ten (10) monthly meetings.

Establishment of Certification

By majority vote, the NERA board of directors or the NERA executive committee can charter a district organization through-approval of a petition for certification. The petition may be approved fully or with reservation. If approved with reservation the petitioning group can apply for full certification when ready.

Privileges and Authorization Granted to NERA Chapters

NERA chapters shall be licensed to use the NERA logo in their own logo design. Chapters shall have full autonomy in setting local policies and shall take part in setting national policies. When delegated to do so by an executive officer of NERA, the chapter’s president will speak for the chapter.

NERA chapters shall have access to support services from headquarters staff. Chapters can request assistance in any area where the national organization has resources available.