ANSI to standardize standards?

This link showed up recently on a blog:
RESNET and the International Code Council to Adopt Joint ANSI Standard on Testing of Air Leakage, Duct
So now ANSI want’s to get in on the game. I agree logic would steer toward a uniform method to avoid confusion. We use a common currency in the U.S. for that reason. Most of us follow the proper use rules to use it. There will always be a few that don’t though.
Following the same analogy, if to use money, we had to renew our citizenship annually by taking a $200 test, and pay an annual $1,000 money use license, and had to use digital I.D. self-dispensing $500 wallets; you could stop many of the counterfeiters, etc.
Well maybe a lot of the rest of us who used to be honest would just go rogue, and become illegals too, and just use gold nuggets instead.
My point is, at what point do the standards and methods for testing and certification get so complicated and expensive to follow, that the compliance diminishes? We seem to be steadily heading that way, and I hope this announcement does not produce that, but indeed leads to a simpler yet still accurate method. The means should be justified by the results.

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